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Buy "Burnout Legends" PSP game with review

March 23, 2006 EST | PSP

Strap into your seatbelts as Burnout gets ready to rev up your PSP! Featuring all the best parts of previous Burnout games, Burnout Legends drives just like Burnout 3, with all the awesome car-tossing crashes, spark explosions, slick racing animation,...

Rent or buy "Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0" PSP game with review

March 23, 2006 EST | PSP

Hit the streets with Need for Speed: Most Wanted, EA's latest fix for road demons. Take cops on a wild chase through adrenaline-pumping courses as you race to become the baddest and the fastest. As you move up in reputation...

Rent or buy "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories" PSP game with review

February 18, 2006 EST | PSP , Sony

The PSP takes you back to Liberty City to experience the grit and grind like you never have before. Using the PSP's awesome graphics and wireless capabilities, the mavens at Rockstar are ready to rock you out in the first...

Diner Dash (PSP)

August 01, 2005 EST | PSP

With around 40 levels, five types of customers, and two modes of play, Diner Dash serves up a daily special of fun. Play as Flo, a retired stockbroker destined for restaurant fame as she attempts to seat customers, take orders,...