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Ingredients for a great computer game

February 7, 2006 09:47 PM EST | PC Games | Email to Friend

When it comes to talking about computer games, it is really hard to focus our mind on a particular one of those thousands and even million of games developed since the time when computers were found to be a source of entertainment and leisure.

Some games remain in the player's mind for their complexity or great features, some others come to attend a temporary demand before falling into limbo of forgetfulness, but then, what are the ingredients for a great computer game to make them unforgettable and yet a rewarding experience?

Experts and successful PC games programmers agree, affirming that every player is motivated when he/she feels to be in focus in the game. Players want to have fun living the role of the chosen character so he or she needs to feel that it is the player who can control the outcome of the games.

Many programmers believe that focusing the player's perspective is achieved just by making the actions easy throughout the game, but that point of view may result in an even more frustrating experience for experienced players who might feel a particular game as a development for fools.

A large number of the most memorable and great computer games include a selectable skill level to achieve the different challenges a player might want to take. Depending on the complexity of the games, some players may go for easier, but most of them believe the harder the game the most rewarding the experience when they win a competitive game or complete an adventure-like game.

Developers should also consider the present technology before programming a game. PC games are only limited by the player's computer system and resources, so those users with a powerful computer will find a game worthless if the story is great but the graphics are poor and the actions do not correspond to the actual technology, while others will find it frustrating in not being able to play a game above their system specs, but with the look and feel of those belonging to the early day of computerized games.

Simplicity is the clue to satisfy both, the high tech player and the ordinary PC user. A great computer game is not one with all heavy graphics running intensive system resources through hundreds of pages but one with a quality look and great performance on an average computer with the possibilities to improve the gaming experience in equipment with a higher capacity.

Additionally, the game has to be simple from the playable perspective. A game which features are complicated or hard to understand may discourage the player no matter how good it may look. It is interesting to note how many old PC games based on text adventures without fancy graphics still remain popular. So then, the development of a story is also important to fulfill what a player expects from games.

Natalie Aranda loves PC games. Computer games bring both learning and fun experience. A large number of the most memorable and great computer games include a selectable skill level to achieve the different challenges a player might want to take.

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