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Mexico's Riviera Maya: A beautiful beach resort destination

November 10, 2005 EST | South America , Vacation

Travelers who are looking for a fantastic all-inclusive resort destination that is priced far below most tropical destinations in and around the Caribbean should look into Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This area has fast become a very popular tropical vacation getaway...

A hiking guide to Easter Island

August 01, 2005 EST | South America

Ask me which Pacific island has the most to offer hikers and I'll probably answer Easter Island. Here on an island 11 km wide and 23 km long you'll find nearly a thousand ancient Polynesian statues strewn along a powerfully...

Three classic hikes abroad

June 29, 2005 EST | Asia , Asia Pacific , South America , Travel

Paul Scott Mower once said, "There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country…" If you've ever contemplated going abroad to find your next trail, here are 3 classic hikes to consider....

The exotic Antarctica Cruise

June 12, 2005 EST | Cruise , South America

Antarctica is one of the great unexplored areas of the world. It wasn’t until the last fifty years that there has been any appreciable exploration or study of the vast frozen continent. Now the tourist with sufficient money can actually...