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Egypt : Land before time

August 24, 2005 EST | Middle East

In recent years, the number of people touring Egypt has slowly dwindled. This is most likely due to the violence in the Middle Eastern region and the few bombings and kidnappings that have occured in recent years. However, these cases...

Potential health hazards to travelers in Middle East

June 23, 2005 EST | Consumer Info , Middle East

Common infections in travelers are gastrointestinal infections. Chronic and latent infections in immigrants (and long-term residents) include tuberculosis, echinococcosis, cutaneous leishmaniasis, brucellosis. Vector-borne infections: Malaria is present in focal areas of Iran, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen....

Overland with the independent adventure truck

June 14, 2005 EST | Africa , Middle East

Transcontinental journeys are no mean feat, you need a sturdy; trustworthy companion. Not just any auxiliary travel buddy, but a solid, dependable vehicle. When it comes to choosing that vehicle, nothing beats an Overland Expedition Truck, Here's why... Some of...