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New Zealand Paua Shell

March 27, 2006 EST | Asia Pacific

We have a small group of shells collectively known as paua, unique only to New Zealand. The group comes from the worldwide family Haliotidae, which contains nearly 130 species from oceans in both tropical and temperate zones. These shellfish have...

Discover the real New Zealand

October 13, 2005 EST | Asia Pacific

One of the major attractions of visiting New Zealand is the possibility of losing yourself in its rugged and wild countryside. The desire to be alone and at one with nature frequently leads New Zealand tourists to buy travel guides...

Three classic hikes abroad

June 29, 2005 EST | Asia , Asia Pacific , South America , Travel

Paul Scott Mower once said, "There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country…" If you've ever contemplated going abroad to find your next trail, here are 3 classic hikes to consider....

New Zealand's National Parks - South Island

May 14, 2005 EST | Asia Pacific

New Zealand's South Island is home to no less than ten National Parks, and given the extent of the wild and rugged landscape it is perhaps a wonder that there are not more. If you ever wanted to experience a...