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Sharper Image Signature Titanium Ballistic Nylon 22" Rolling Carrier with 5-Inch Expansion Compartment

December 19, 2007 EST | Luggage | Comments (0)

The "Sharper Image Signature Titanium Ballistic Nylon 22" Rolling Carrier with 5-Inch Expansion Compartment" is no longer available. You might be interested in checking out other rolling carriers below

Sturdy and stylish luggage features tough 2520-denier ballistic nylon that is 50% denser than most standard luggage; flexible lightweight interior frames; soft-spin wheels; YKK® zippers; dual tube-handle system with grip-friendly rubber coating; and PVC trim. This rolling carrier features a 5-inch expansion compartment, one of the largest expansions in the market. Measures 14" x 7.75" x 22". 90-day warranty.

Sharper Image Signature Titanium Ballistic Nylon Rolling Carry On with Built In Computer Sleeve

December 19, 2007 EST | Luggage | Comments (0)

The "Sharper Image Signature Titanium Ballistic Nylon Rolling Carry On with Built In Computer Sleeve" is no longer available. You might be interested in checking out other rolling carriers below

Sturdy and stylish luggage features tough 2520-denier ballistic nylon that is 50% denser than most standard luggage; flexible lightweight interior frames; soft-spin wheels; YKK® zippers; dual tube-handle system with grip-friendly rubber coating; and PVC trim. Features a side zippered pocket that provides easy access when stowing your laptop. Accommodates most laptops up to 17". Measures 14" x 8.5" x 21". 90-day warranty. [More...]

Travel to Barcelona, Spain

April 21, 2006 EST | Europe

Travel to Barcelona for a unique cultural, historical and sensorial experience. It is a throbbing, vibrant city at once firmly grounded in its rich heritage and looking to the future. A tour to Barcelona promises an eclectic palette.

The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona is situated in the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

As you travel to Barcelona, it is interesting to note that the city has its roots in a Roman colony founded way back in the 2nd century B.C.

You will be struck by the architecture of the city on your voyage to Barcelona. It is the seat of Modernist Architecture and the city skyline sports a dynamic and dramatic look courtesy the concrete creations of Master Antoní Gaudí and his contemporaries. [More...]


Public transportation in Germany

April 21, 2006 EST | Europe

You have decided to spend your vacation time in Germany. You reserved your plane and hotel, now you need to figure out how you will get around on your trip. You can always rent a car but it may be costly and you are an inexperienced driver in Europe. Now you need to learn more about public transportation.

Once you arrive in Germany, if you are American, you will notice that the German public transportation system is much more efficient and cost effective than that of America. There are many more options and for the most part, you can get anywhere any time. Keep in mind that you can purchase a train ticket from your current location to your destination and this ticket is valid for the train, bus and street car. ie. Take a train from Darmstadt to Hanau then use the same ticket for a bus from Hanau to Frankfurt. [More...]

The world's biggest capital village

March 27, 2006 EST | Europe

Oslo. Norway's capital city. Population about half a million. Compared with places like New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, it's little more than a village although it does cover an astonishing 454 square kilometres.

Smack bang in the middle of the city you’ll find the Royal Palace. For those not used to kind of freedom enjoyed by the Norwegian royals, the palace can be quite a surprise. There are no fences surrounding it and the gardens are open to the public at all times. You’ll find families picnicking there, people walking their dogs, but unfortunately, you’ll also find that it attracts hard drug users. Luckily, they tend to keep themselves to themselves and there’s rarely any trouble from them. Used needles don't appear to be too much of a problem either, maybe because the park's regularly maintained. There are guards but they generally leave you alone. As the late King Olav once said, who needs bodyguards when you have the entire population of your country protecting you? [More...]

Traveling to the UK from abroad

March 27, 2006 EST | Europe | Comments (0)

If your journey isn't too great a distance, for example you are visiting from Europe, you might want to consider a variety of travel options. But if your journey is a long one, plane fares are now so competitive that in terms of speed, comfort and cost you should probably just look at flights.

Flying is the most obvious way to travel to the UK. Fares can vary dramatically so the best advice is to shop around and be flexible about dates and airlines. In particular students, young travellers and seniors should be able to get special deals and discounts.

Prices are generally a bit lower if you travel during the week. Peak season is from about May to October and this is when fares will be most pricey with the most expensive months from June to September. Fares will probably also be very high (and flights booked out in advance) over Christmas and New Year. [More...]

New Zealand Paua Shell

March 27, 2006 EST | Asia Pacific | Comments (0)

We have a small group of shells collectively known as paua, unique only to New Zealand. The group comes from the worldwide family Haliotidae, which contains nearly 130 species from oceans in both tropical and temperate zones. These shellfish have been used for food since ancient times and have figured largely in the diet of coastal Maori. Most countries have their own local names, Abalone (North America), Ormer (Guernsey), Mutton Fish (Australia and early NZ) and Awabi (Japan) being some of the best known.

Paua is the most colourful shell in the world, other abalone have some colour, but not the brilliance of Paua. [More...]

Choosing a luxury tour

March 19, 2006 EST | Travel

You've paid top dollar for your "luxury tour" but find yourself continually eating in shabby restaurants, puzzled that tourist sites shut early each afternoon while souvenir stores seem permanently open. You are angered not only by your guide's increasingly obvious dishonesty but also by the waste of your valuable vacation time.

This disappointing but common experience springs from the confusion people often have in choosing among a plethora of luxury tours, each of which claims to offer much the same product. This brief article describes 5 critical factors to help travelers read between the lines of glossy brochures and help them better assess the relative merits of rival tour operators. [More...]

Packing smart

March 19, 2006 EST | Travel

It's one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you in a security line at the airport: a hand search of your luggage. Security officers may have seen something suspicious on the screening machine, or you may have been chosen for a random search; either way, your personal items are about to be removed from your luggage and displayed for everyone in the immediate vicinity to see. While there's really no way to avoid random luggage searches, there are ways to make your luggage less suspicious and easier for security to check. [More...]

Cruise - 5 answers for first time cruisers

February 18, 2006 EST | Cruise | Comments (0)

Congratulations! You have decided to take a luxury cruise for the first time, and you are bound to have a great time. Most first time cruisers have many questions about what to expect, so we have put together this list of five things that novice cruisers need to know.

1. What does the price of the ticket include?
This depends on the package you purchase. In general, the base cost includes your accommodations, entertainment, activities, meals, and use of facilities on board the ship. If you choose to do so, you can add on airfare to your package, which covers the cost of air travel to and from the embarkation point and often also includes baggage handling and transportation between the airport and the ship.

Most cruise packages do not include the cost of soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, guided shore excursions, or optional shipboard services like a massage, spa treatment, photographs, access to the internet, etc. Many cruise lines also add an automatic 15% gratuity to the cost of drinks, and you will also need to tip your steward and waiter at the end of the cruise. Check with your cruise line in advance for a complete list of what is included in your ticket price and what will cost extra. [More...]

Amorgos and its history

February 07, 2006 EST | Europe

This island has a size of about 120 km2 and inhabited by around 1800 people can be found at the east of the Cyclades, next to Dodecanese. Anciently called Minoa, the origins of this city and its population can be found strongly attached to the Cretans who are believed to be the first inhabitants in this island.

The island of Amorgos counts with a very rich and interesting past, and therefore all those who enjoy historic spots would be able to have a great time while visiting it. Many centuries ago, Amorgos was used by the Ionians in order to go from their islands to mainland Greece. Many constructions and elements from such époque can be still observed nowadays since was important in shaping the island's culture and traditions. [More...]

The spas at Walt Disney World

February 07, 2006 EST | North America

A great way to get rejuvenated and re-energized for the next busy day at the Walt Disney World is to take advantage of one of the luxurious spas that are located at the deluxe resorts from Walt Disney World. Each spa has unique and special features but all of them provide a relaxing environment to unwind and lay back.

Grand Floridian Spa
Walt Disney World's top spa, the Grand Floridian Spa, is located in the Magic Kingdom. Guests at the Grand Floridian resort have direct access to the spa. If you're not staying at the Grand Floridian you can get there by monorail, boat and bus. The great thing about the spa is that it encourages parents and children to relax together, side by side. They even have a special program for the children that features a class on skin care and good health and also a mini facial, pedicure and manicure. [More...]

Cruise - 7 facts about cruising

February 05, 2006 EST | Cruise

More and more people are discovering the fun and value of cruising, but many more still have not heard the good news. Now more than ever, a luxury cruise is easily affordable and accessible to everyone. Don’t believe it? Then read on for our list of seven important facts about cruising.

1. Cruising is a good value
Some people never consider taking a cruise because they think it is too expensive, but this is simply not the case. When you compare the cost of a cruise with the cost of comparable travel, accommodations, food and activities, you will quickly see that cruising offers great value for your vacation dollar. [More...]

Enjoy an Australian cultural dining experience

February 05, 2006 EST | Australia | Comments (0)

For our wedding anniversary recently I wanted to do something wildly exotic, and experience something totally different. Going to dinner was pretty standard practice for us, and there are many wonderful restaurants around the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast areas of Australia to choose from.

This year I wanted to do something uniquely different, an evening we could share with our son.

My prayers and wishes were answered a week before our anniversary in the form of an advertising brochure in a magazine. I checked out the website, the food and location and excitedly made the booking.

The restaurant we were dining at is called Tukka, an Australian colloquial word meaning ‘tucker’ or food. Tukka is an award winning restaurant of contemporary native Australian fare, situated in the cool suburb of West End, 5 minutes from downtown Brisbane. [More...]

Ultimate Ballistic 3,150-Denier nylon rolling luggage

January 26, 2006 EST | Luggage

Ultimate Ballistic 3,150-Denier nylon rolling luggage is no longer available. You might be interested in an alternative product:

SOLO Classic Rolling Business Cases Ballistic Nylon Computer/Catalog w/ Hanging File
15.4" Ballistic Catalog Case

Ultimate Ballistic 3,150-denier nylon rolling luggage — KEVLAR reinforced and now 40% stronger and six percent lighter!

There have been impressive advances in luggage materials and design in the past couple of years, mainly in response to the arduous demands of the rugged new world of travel.

Our exclusive new Ultimate Ballistic™ soft-sided rolling carriers feature the newest, toughest, lightest materials to help you have the best travel experience: 3,150-Denier Ballistic Nylon: The toughest exterior fabric is 40% stronger and six percent lighter than the 2,520-denier prior generation. Teflon coated, too.

KEVLAR® Reinforced: Dupont's bullet-stopping fiber is ultra-lightweight yet five times stronger than steel. KEVLAR is woven into the ballistic nylon at key stress points. [More...]

The beautiful Agios Konstantinos

January 25, 2006 EST | Europe | Comments (0)

Agios Konstantinos is a destination situated within central Greece, within the region of Attica, to the north of Cape Sounion, and at about 50 kilometers from the southern side of Athens. This spot, also known as Konstandinos or Ayios Konstandino, was formerly called Kamariza and then Maronia in ancient times. Those tourists who visit this region of Greece should try to stop at this place and enjoy its beautiful environment since it would allow them to relax and renew their energies.

Agios Konstantinos has a very small amount of inhabitants spread throughout its territory. This destination is very appealing and interesting due to its general characteristics, the landscapes it offers, the life style of its inhabitants, the natural elements it has, the amazing landscapes surrounded by mountains, and several other reasons which cause it to be a unique spot. [More...]

Luggage: Finding your style!

January 24, 2006 EST | Luggage

If you’re the type of person who only purchases good quality luggage, then you know that it pays to spend more money for reliable brands where you get not only style but durability. In fact, Consumer Reports found when testing cheap luggage sets in price range of $48 to $100, that they didn’t hold up during air travel.

But aside from quality, which is clearly a key factor in your purchase; style and organization are two other factors that determine choice.

Consider this, in the past year or so, more and more articles have been written about the expanding birth of luggage style. Colors such as bright hues of orange, blue, purple and pink in sets or individual, are more commonly seen rolling around airports and urban streets. [More...]

Why choose first class travel?

January 24, 2006 EST | Airline

Today, when airlines offer more economy seating and more cut-rate fares, some customers and industry watchers predict the end of first class travel.

After all, many of the most luxurious methods of travel in the past - including the once-famous MGM jet and the Concorde - are no longer offering service. It's too early to mourn the end of first class travel, though. At a time when it seems that low-cost air travel and trips are de rigeur, some companies are working harder than ever to provide high-quality first class travel experiences. Many more business, executive, and even pleasure-seeking travelers are choosing to travel first class. [More...]

Things to see in Los Angeles

January 08, 2006 EST | North America

Roughly 60 miles across it is one of the largest cities by area in the US. Crossing from side to side can take an hour, but with freeway traffic conditions you are more likely to take at least double this time.

Downtown LA is more of a commercial district of skyscraper office blocks than a shopping district. You will find shopping in the form of small shopping plazas and larger shopping malls dotted all over the LA basin.

In this respect LA is a little disappointing if you were looking for an american version of London or Paris. However there is still plenty to see and do, it just takes a little planning so that you are not spending your entire time in a traffic jam or driving endless miles across city. [More...]

The Greek Iti National Park

January 08, 2006 EST | Europe

This park is situated towards the southern side of the valley of River Sperchios and counts with a wide variety of trees, plants and animals which provide it with a very unique and interesting environment.

Those tourists who enjoy green areas, trees and plants could be able to have a great time while visiting the Iti National Park. Within the park, visitors can meet some unique trees and plants such as, per example, oaks, cedars, oleanders, arbutus, and the Alpine lily lilium cholcedonium.

Besides its plants and trees, this park counts with a very special fauna that consists on a great amount and variety of animals of different species. The Iti National Park has wild goats, wild boars, deer, rodents, tortoises, reptiles, as well as an amazing variety of birds among which there are vultures, eagles, partridges, hoopoes, hawks, and owls. [More...]

Vacation in comfort with kids

January 06, 2006 EST | Vacation

It takes a special person to travel with kids – a parent. Children have their own needs. Their idea of a vacation is more "adventurous" than a parent's. They need constant stimulation and they can get as tired as they are tiring.

There are many top ten type lists of tips for traveling with children: how to ensure they eat well and drink enough, how to dress them for weather variances, how to provide the stimulation they need, how to make sure they don't drive off with the family car and leave you stranded in the Mojave Desert, etc.

This list is how to travel in comfort – without tying the children to the roof rack - which hopefully will reduce your stress. [More...]

Vacationers check-list: Everything you should know before you leave

January 06, 2006 EST | Travel

The most important aspect an owner needs to be concerned with is that their home does not look vacant while they are away. Statistics report that generally a home is burglarized every 12 seconds. It is important that you leave your curtains open when you leave. Closed curtains indicate a vacant home. You can also purchase light timers. They will turn on and off different lights in your home throughout the day until you return from your trip. It is also good to invest in motion sensor lights for the outside. As added protection, you may want to keep a radio on somewhere in the main part of the house. The volume need not be very loud, just loud enough to fool an intruder. It is also good to have an alarm system. Make sure that it is turned on when you leave.

Do not leave house keys under rocks or flower boxes around your home. Make sure they are all removed prior to your departure. Never leave a message on your phone that you are away. That is just asking for an intruder. [More...]

Cruising with the Mouse – Disney Cruise Line

December 26, 2005 EST | Cruise , North America

There’s magic in everything that team Disney touches and their cruise line is no exception. Michael Eisner himself commissioned a talented group of ship designers, cruise experts and Disney creators to produce cruise ships that would appeal to adults and children of all ages. The result was two nearly-identical ships, Disney Wonder and Disney Magic.

The ships are distinctively Disney, with the famous mouse silhouette prominently placed on the smokestacks and appearing frequently throughout the ships. That’s not all; a fifteen-foot statue of Goofy is the figurehead on Disney Magic while Donald Duck adorns the front of Disney Wonder. Of course, cast members masquerade through the ship in costumes of the famous Disney characters. Disney art is featured on the walls and images of Disney characters appear everywhere. Disney excels at promoting everything Disney so expect onboard shops to be full of Disney memorabilia. [More...]

Things you need to know before you book a hotel online

December 26, 2005 EST | Hotel

Does it seem as if every time you look around on the internet for a hotel room, you find more web sites that say you can get a hotel room for less?

Though it may sound enticing, online hotel booking has its own set of challenges. An online discount hotel booking web site should provide the following basic things: [More...]

Top holiday travel destinations

December 22, 2005 EST | Travel | Comments (0)

Despite the high cost of fuel and other travel expenses, an estimated 63.5 million Americans are planning to travel at least 50 miles or more from home this Christmas and New Year. Hotel rates are up nearly 15% at some popular destinations, yet bookings are full or nearly full.

So where do all of these people plan to go?

Domestic Destinations According to AAA of the United States, here are the top destinations based on the number of bookings for each location. [More...]

A glimpse into Cambodian New Year Festival

December 22, 2005 EST | Asia

Cambodia has very long and protracted history and culture. We can see that merriments related to culture are almost uncountable. The Khmer New Year is one of the most important cultural festivities in Cambodia, so it would be of great values to take a little hint into what is Khmer New Year.

Cambodian (Khmer) New Year is celebrated every year in the middle of the month of April. Khmer New Year does not single-mindedly aim at merry-making or bringing entertainment, in fact, it contains much more useful connotations to edify Cambodian people's mentalities. One of the aims is to refresh the undesirable livelihood in the past, and to enter into a better livelihood in the closely upcoming year. Cambodian people can wish for better lives in the Khmer New Year, if their lives in the past year was good, they wish for the better, and if their past lives were bad, they wish for the better as well. As we can see, the people buy new clothes, clean the houses and Buddhist pagodas and other religious shrines. Moreover, the elderly clergymen advise the disputed parties to resolve and to forget the revenge and reunion as one family during this New Year. [More...]

Out on the bread run

December 18, 2005 EST | Europe

BREAD has an almost mythical status in France so a chance to go out on the daily delivery run could not be missed.

Marie Ange Lavoix was to be my guide and as we loaded up the van, with the still warm loaves, she also checked over her route. It was to take in the surrounding villages, schools and farms with a longer stop at Villefranche du Périgord.

“The bread is different compared to regular bread as it keeps fresh for longer,” Marie Ange explained.

“This comes about from the baking process so it means that many of the homes will buy a loaf every couple of days.” [More...]

The exotic palace hotels of India

December 18, 2005 EST | Asia , Hotel

When I started on a one month long tour to India, I had no idea what was in store for me. I was not even sure why I planned on a tour to India. May be I was just too fascinated by the lifestyles of the Indian Maharaja’s and wanted to see and experience for myself their lives and their palaces. My interest in Indian palaces and forts grew by reading books like ‘India Style’ by ‘Monisha Bharadwaj’, ‘The Indian Princes and their States’ by ‘Barbara N. Ramusack’, ‘The Indian Subcontinent’ by ‘Alison Arnold’ and ‘Indian temples and palaces’ by Michael Edwardes. [More...]

Briggs and Riley baseline luggage 28" expandable upright

December 09, 2005 EST | Luggage

External Description
2520 denier ballistic nylon.
Nylon handle, aircraft aluminum, PVC framing and ABS support on bottom make up exclusive locking handle system.Extra-tall handle extension.
Top and side carry handles for versatile carrying options.
Full length front zipper pocket.
Heavy-guage cast metal hardware.

Internal Description
Fully lined interior. Snap-in, removable waterproof pocket is perfect for toiletries, cosmetics, etc. Removable garment sleeve can fit 1-2 suits and features an extra zippered pocket, perfect for ties or accessories. Patented, zipperless, One-Touch expansion system allows for extra packing capacity while maintaining a sturdy protective frame. [More...]

A trip to Vung Tau - Modern Vietnam

December 09, 2005 EST | Asia | Comments (0)

Modern Vietnam is a nice place to visit.. and you wouldn't mind staying there for a while.

Being an American and growing up during the Vietnam War era, I always wanted to see what the post war Vietnam was like now a days. During the Vietnam war I was to young to be drafted but I clearly remember all the hype in the USA over Vietnam and war. I can even remember my older brother actually joined in the anti-war protests and burned his draft card.

As luck would have it, one of the companies that I often free lance worked for secured a submarine cable laying project in Vietnam and asked me if I was interested to go there. Most definitely I wanted to go there. [More...]

Vacationing tips to protect you and your family

December 08, 2005 EST | Vacation | Comments (0)

Vacations should be a time spent having fun and relaxing. By taking a few extra precautions while traveling, you can prevent yourself, or your friends and family, from being a victim of crime. A.I.C. Insurance Agency and Travelers, a leading provider of auto and homeowners insurance, offer these safety tips to help you, your friends and family have a fun and safe vacation: [More...]

London Travel

December 08, 2005 EST | Europe

London is a very visitor friendly place and traveling around in London is very suitably provided by various forms of transportation. The most common mode of transport is the London Underground and it operates through out the day [from early morning to late night]. Other forms include buses, taxis etc. The whole city is divided into 6 zones with zone 1 and 2 referred as 'Central London'.

With London's endless choice of theatres, sports and music venues, you won’t be short of entertainment. This is the place to be if you're looking for world-class art, exhibitions, music and more. More unbiased information can be found at Visit London [More...]

Safari adventure in Botswana - Leopard sighting

December 08, 2005 EST | Africa

On one of several African safaris, this one in the Okavango Delta, our guide frequently pointing to the high points of interest mentioned it was getting late as he beaconed at the slowly sinking sun. I remember as our group was marveling at a pride of lions, ‘brothers’ as we were told by the guide, spectacular lions with black manes doing what they do best, resting on the floor of the savannah. Blending in with the high grass, barely visible except for the occasional black manes one would see as they turned over, yawned and then fell back on their side continuing their R&R. Suddenly a call came over the guide’s radio. A leopard sighting! The guide asked if we wanted to go, it was late in the evening, the sun was beginning to set. The guide explained that it was a ways off and the leopard, as elusive as it was, may have moved from the spot by the time we got there. Unanimously, we all agreed to take that chance. [More...]

How to see the Statue of Liberty

November 25, 2005 EST | North America

Your best choice is to take the Staten Island ferry, which takes only one hour to complete and there is always plenty of room. Your pictures will be better, and you'll have more time to see the other sites in New York City (hopefully on the hot new New York Party Shuttle Sightseeing Tour). With the crown closed, the only attraction at the Statue of Liberty is the museum which takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Here is some history of the Statue of Liberty: [More...]

Fascinating facts about the Empire State Building

November 25, 2005 EST | North America

It is currently the tallest tower in New York City and the 2nd tallest building in the United States. A grandiose lobby galvanized with marble, granite, nickel and limestone is just the start of this amazing building. With 22 miles of telephone wire and enough elevator cable to stretch from Manhattan to Baltimore, one is marveled by the building’s size, height, and history. The history of the building is a wonder in itself. During the great depression, it was decided to build the Empire State Building in an attempt to create jobs and cause a catalyst for the American economy. It turns out they needed 7 million man hours for construction to complete the project. The most amazing fact is the time in which it took to complete Gotham City’s new tallest tower. In just 18 fast-tracked months, the Empire State building was completed. By comparison, the new World Trade Center/Freedom Tower with 110 floors will take 5 years to complete. [More...]

Williamsburg Virginia: A mecca for retirement

November 14, 2005 EST | North America | Comments (0)

Williamsburg Virginia is a familiar name for many because it is steeped in colonial history. In the 1920s, Rockefeller sunk millions into the renovation of historic homes, pubs, and properties. Today, Williamsburg is an early American gem, as well as a mecca for retirement. [More...]

Alicante Spain - How to explore it in one day

November 14, 2005 EST | Europe | Comments (0)

Before we start a quick overview. Alicante, with about 310.000 habitants lies about 6 hours down from Barcelona along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Within the summer months about 6 million tourists visit the Costa Blanca area. Depending on different sources, about 4.5 Mio come from the U.K. alone. Cities like Benidorm (population 50.000) host up to 4 Mio visitors every year. Alicante is the second largest city in the province of Valencia.

The city is best explored by foot starting at the harbour area, where many parking areas are available. So we leave our car next to the Melia Hotel right on the harbour entrance. (A quick tip at the beginning, if you arrive at Alicante Airport you can get a very good Alicante map right at the tourist information centre at the arrival hall.) [More...]

Mexico's Riviera Maya: A beautiful beach resort destination

November 10, 2005 EST | South America , Vacation | Comments (0)

Travelers who are looking for a fantastic all-inclusive resort destination that is priced far below most tropical destinations in and around the Caribbean should look into Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This area has fast become a very popular tropical vacation getaway for travelers from around the world. The Riviera Maya is located on the Caribbean side of Mexico and encompasses the stretch of coastline ranging from about 5 miles to 60 miles south of Cancun.

Don’t be misled into thinking that because you fly into Cancun to get to the Riviera Maya that it is anything like Cancun and its spring break, party-like atmosphere…it is far from it. The Riviera Maya has been set aside by the Mexican government as a semi-protected area, and as such it cannot become the touristy, high-rise resort type of destination you find in the Cancun hotel zone. Resorts can only be built 3-stories or less in height and they have to be constructed to embrace the surrounding vegetation, wildlife, and topography. It is a much more family-friendly and romantic vacation destination. [More...]

Western Caribbean Cruise

November 07, 2005 EST | Cruise | Comments (0)

We were on the Radiance of the Seas for the western Caribbean cruise on November 28/04. This was our second cruise with Royal Caribbean with our first last year on the larger Adventure of the Seas. After one cruise with RCI, I expected roughly the same standards with the Radiance and in general, I wasn't disappointed. [More...]

The Rias Altas in Spain

November 07, 2005 EST | Europe | Comments (0)

The Rias Altas located in Spain are part of a group of larger formations spread within the coast of Galicia, conformed by the Rias Altas and the Rias Bajas.

The Rias are estuaries origin when sea levels rise as well as they can be created by other geographical factors. The rias in Galicia where formed after he Ice Age after the sea level rose and gave shape to several indentations or estuaries throughout the coast line in this area. [More...]

The best age for a Disney vacation

October 26, 2005 EST | North America | Comments (0)

Grappling with the idea of taking the kids on a Disney vacation? Are you not sure if they are too young and will just be overwhelmed or too old and will be bored? Well, I will let you in on a secret; the best age to take the kids on Disney Vacation is............whatever age they happen to be! We first took our son when he was two and he loved it as did our neighbour’s teenagers, but the trip will be smoother if you follow a few simple guidelines: [More...]

The Beautiful Seville

October 26, 2005 EST | Europe | Comments (0)

Seville, or Sevilla in Spanish, is located on the banks of the River Guadalquivir, within the region of Andalusia, towards the southern area of the country.

This town is recognized as one of the most famous and interesting of not only Spain but the entire Europe as well.

One of the best times of the year tourists can choose for visiting Seville is in April when they could enjoy the Feria de Abril. The Feria de Abril de Sevilla consists on a week long party in which eating, drinking and dancing are the main activities. Besides been able to enjoy some amazing foods, drinks and music, tourists who approach the town during this époque could also observe some parades and learn about The traditions of the town. [More...]

Booking holiday accommodation online

October 18, 2005 EST | Hotel | Comments (0)

With the introduction of low cost airlines, and the rapid growth of internet users, booking the perfect holiday has become easier for the inexperienced internet user. Gone are the days, where the only people surfing the net are techie's - welcome to the internet age, where people of all ages are now using the internet to go about their normal life.

“You look forward to your holiday all year and you want to book it easily, and save money,” says Darren, a holiday rental specialist who runs, Worldwide Holiday Homes. “If you automatically think ‘travel agent,’ you’re missing out on the internet world. Just ask the thousands of people who reserve villas, apartments and cottages through our companies website. Booking your holiday online means you can look for the best deals, and search in the comfort of your own home.” [More...]