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Free VoIP services: Not necessarily free

December 12, 2005 EST | Enterprise Technology , Internet

Though not a new technology, VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, has recently begun gaining ground on the traditional long distance telephone industry. Simply put, VOIP is the ability for a person to talk on the telephone over an Internet...

Goldline Controls selects e-Kanban by Datacraft Solutions

September 28, 2005 EST | Enterprise Technology

Goldline Controls ( based in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, manufacturers Aqua Rite, the best selling electronic chlorine generator. Recently Rick Becker, Vice President of Operations, Kristy Buss Dupuis, Materials Manager, and Colleen Skeffington, IT Manager selected Datacraft Solutions' e-kanban system...

iShop by PRONTO North America provides e-Business solution

September 16, 2005 EST | Enterprise Technology

According to Tom Verzi, Director of Marketing for PRONTO North America, "Customers expect to be able to communicate and transact with suppliers through a web-based interface for convenience, speed, and instant access to information. iShop provides the high level of...

ETO ERP leader Encompix reveals Formglas’ decision process

August 01, 2005 EST | Enterprise Technology

Formglas’ Decision Process in selection for Engineer-to-Order system. Formglas Inc., established in 1961, has for many years been the leading manufacturer of architectural products for commercial and residential projects using lightweight custom cast, glass reinforced gypsum and cement composite primarily...

Leading ERP Pronto North America develops PEER™ program

July 29, 2005 EST | Enterprise Technology

PEER™ Program Developed by Leading ERP company. The PEER (Process Evaluation Executive Review) program ensures buy-in, cooperation, and accountability with all personnel. According to PRONTO North America CEO, Michael Ligudzinski, "We have learned to move beyond the executive workshop to...

Food Quality Magazine profiles Datacraft Solutions’ e-Kanban in July issue

July 26, 2005 EST | Enterprise Technology

Thomas R. Cutler authored a feature profile of Follett Ice and their selection of Datacraft Solutions e-kanban technology in the July issue of Food Quality Magazine. The feature article includes advice from Follett’s senior purchasing agent, Jeff Craig, about the...

Data center: consider an emergency generator

July 05, 2005 EST | Enterprise Technology

Should your supplement battery-based uninterruptible data center power supplies with an emergency generator? Vendors say the question has been coming up with increasing frequency as word spreads about summer rolling blackouts and brownouts and drops in service reliability. Two years...

Optical wireless security

June 30, 2005 EST | Enterprise Technology

Network security is one of the major concerns for any business or organization transporting sensitive and confidential information over the network. Such network security concerns involve the lowest network layer, typically referred to asthe physical layer (layer one), as well...

FocusStor develops a data backup solution for healthcare providers

May 21, 2005 EST | Enterprise Technology

FocusStor, Online Data Backup & Recovery (, the leading Canadian provider of disk-based backup and recovery solutions for small businesses since 1985, today released their newest offsite storage software aimed at the healthcare and medical industries....