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Ohio’s ENERFAB happy with 3-Month ETO ERP implementation

July 29, 2005 EST | Engineering

Three-month ETO ERP implementation makes Enerfab pleased to work with Encompix Engineer-to-Order system. ENERFAB is a leading process solution firm with design and build capabilities serving the process industries including chemical, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceutical, power generation, and pulp...

Michigan’s Gehring happy with 6-month ETO ERP implementation

July 26, 2005 EST | Engineering

6-Month ETO ERP Implementation works for Michigan’s Gehring. After a six-month implementation Gehring L.P. went live on Encompix a leading ETO (Engineer-to-Order) ERP system. Established in 1976, Gehring L.P. launched its North American operations in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The 50,000...

Automatic drawing creation

July 03, 2005 EST | Engineering

In the recent past and still today manufacturing companies with products that changeIn size and capacity need to release engineering drawings quickly. Typically engineers will prepare a list of specifications from which the draftsmen must draw up standard parts to...