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ZipConnect by Richard Thalheimer

August 29, 2005 10:59 AM EST | Electronics | Email to Friend

If your music collection is now on your iPod or MP3 player, you'll be thrilled with all the new ZipConnect™ sound systems from Sharper Image Design. These universal and convertible systems feature interchangeable ZipConnect cable modules to get your music out of your digital music library and into the room with amplified speakers in a number of exciting and different formats.

Sharper Image

ZipConnect™ is universal
Every ZipConnect sound system comes with a universal "play" ZipConnect module with retractable cable and 3.5mm plug for connecting to the headphone jack of any iPod or MP3 player. The beauty of ZipConnect systems is that they will always play your music — no matter what device you own now or hope to buy in the future! If purchasing a ZipConnect system as a gift, there's no need to guess the recipient's player — because ZipConnect plays them all.

ZipConnect™ is convertible
Since ZipConnect sound systems are modular and interchangeable, you can easily swap out the included universal plug for available "Made for iPod®" connectors that will both play and charge your iPod.

One “charge+play” ZipConnect module is for iPod, iPod photo, iPod color, and iPod mini (SI903); another is for iPod shuffle (SI901).

ZipConnect™ retractable cable
Now here's the added plus that makes ZipConnect incredibly convenient — the retractable cable — which is neatly spooled inside the hidden module — extends up to 18 inches! This means you can pick up your iPod to scroll and make selections — all while connected to the sound system! Unlike systems with fixed docks, you don't have to disconnect your iPod to access the functions; you don't have to bend to read the screen or access the controls. Just pick it up and stay connected!

ZipConnect™ is forever
With ZipConnect, if you love your sound system, you can enjoy it forever! If you and your family own various iPod or MP3 players, everyone can enjoy it. If you get a different iPod, or if a new docking model is released, a ZipConnect module will be available for it! When cell phones become music devices, a ZipConnect module will match it to "unleash your music™." Fantastic sound. Great design. Universal play. Convertible to all dockable iPod models. Long retractable cable. ZipConnect is the best way to enjoy great sound and unlimited convenience, with the comfort of knowing that your stereo investment will move with you into the future. Enjoy choosing your favorite new sound system!

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