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Kitesurfing dangers

September 12, 2005 EST | Surfing

Kitesurfing is a very dangerous (or, as some people call it, extreme) sport. Before you try kitesurfing, you should definitely try to find out about all the potential kitesurfing dangers. The kitesurfing dangers may result from many different things: from...

Kitesurfing technique - Body dragging

September 12, 2005 EST | Surfing

One of the kitesurfing techniques that we would like to discuss in this article is body dragging. This is a more advanced technique and you should be familiar with the basic techniques before proceeding to this one. You will need...

Basic kitesurfing techniques

September 12, 2005 EST | Surfing

One of the most important kitesurfing techniques is mastering the dead-man safety release system. This system and kitesurfing techniques associated with it are extremely important to you, especially if you are just starting to learn the kitesurfing sport. Carefully study...

How to kitesurf

July 14, 2005 EST | Surfing

You have been bitten by the KiteSurfing bug, you can’t wait to hit the first current to propel your body screaming 40-feet into the air and crashing into the water. With each gusts of wind your elevated high off the...

How to tips for surfing beginners

May 21, 2005 EST | Surfing

Surfboards and You Surfboards are made to float on the water. They have a natural center of gravity. If you were to lay any surfboard in a swimming pool, it would come to rest the same way every time. This...