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How to buy snorkeling gear

March 08, 2006 EST | Scuba Diving

Not all masks are created equal! There are marked differences when it comes to the quality of mask construction and materials. There are two types of materials used to construct most mask skirts on the market today. The first is...

Costs to purchase and maintain scuba diving equipment

December 09, 2005 EST | Scuba Diving

The costs of scuba diving equipment can easily run over $1,000 dollars. Although renting is always an option, for a diver that is developing a long term interest in this sport, purchasing is worth your while, not just in money...

Rodrigues - A relaxing diving destination

June 16, 2005 EST | Scuba Diving

Despite its beauty, Rodrigues hasn't become a popular area due to its reduced size and lack of commercial exploitation. This way, this area maintains the same natural characteristics it had years ago and remains almost unchanged. Therefore, this place contains...

Scuba gear checklist for your next dive trip

May 16, 2005 EST | Scuba Diving

One of the best ways to avoid forgetting important items for a dive trip is to keep a scuba gear checklist. In fact, if you are about to make a trip, make sure to have your scuba dive gear serviced....

How to choose the right scuba fins

May 07, 2005 EST | Scuba Diving

When it comes to investing in your own pair of scuba fins, you have a plethora of choices from a number of manufacturers who continue to advance the engineering they use to produce the most durable, efficient fins possible. While...