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The missing martial arts

February 07, 2006 EST | Martial Arts

As a form of sport or exercise, it serves as training for warfare. Being ruled astrologically by the planet Mars, it’s a term applied to ‘venomous animals, or plants with violently active properties’!An authority recently described 170 different forms of...

Martial training as a timeless portal

June 27, 2005 EST | Martial Arts

Thanks to several centuries of enlightened teachings by extraordinary men in the martial disciplines, we don’t have to be restricted to lives of getting and spending, waiting in quiet desperation for the pain to cease. Most of us in the...

Fun games for children training in martial arts

June 27, 2005 EST | Martial Arts

Keeping children interested in their Martial Arts training requires an element of fun and games. Traditionalists are usually only concerned with the discipline and structure of their training, but incorporating fun games involving proper techniques will add to the value...