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RRS gear: Apparel, Accessories, Insoles & Nutrition designed by runners, for runners

August 17, 2005 EST | General

For over 22 years, Road Runner Sports has been setting standards for the running industry. Our running family has such high expectations and specific needs, we had to step up and create our own line of running gear. We are...

Flybar Elastomeric-Spring Pogo Stick

July 23, 2005 EST | General

The revolutionary new FlyBar™ delivers a gravity-defying, trampoline-emulating bounce far beyond that of ordinary pogo sticks. Rather than hopping just inches into the air, this "mobile exercise and stunt bar" lets you fly to unprecedented heights of five feet!...

Outdoor gear for your favorite activities

June 12, 2005 EST | General

If you love the great outdoors, then you know that there are many activities out there for you to enjoy. Of course, you probably also know that for each outdoor adventure, you will need different kinds of gear. What gear...

Spartan sports FS105 electric scooter

June 07, 2005 EST | General

Spartan sports FS105 electric scooter is no longer available. You might be interested in checking out other sports electric scooters below The Spartan Sports FS105 electric scooter features an electronic speed controller and belt drive transmission that can power you...