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NCAA drug testing

May 31, 2005 EST | Football

In today's society with all the performance enhancing drugs available, it is nice to see the ncaa drug testing college athletes. It is time that we get a handle on it and offer help, education, and the resources to help...

NFL draft offers gems for fantasy football players

May 25, 2005 EST | Football

Fantasy football players rarely pay much attention to National Football League rookies, during their fantasy football drafts. Rookies, you see, are not usually worth much to fantasy teams. It takes most rookies a year or two or in many cases...

Women's football is getting popular

May 19, 2005 EST | Football

While women's professional hockey seems to be in stall mode, softball has been one of the huge success stories for Title IX. Then there's women's football. "When people go out and see these girls play they change their minds about...

Football and neck injury

May 04, 2005 EST | Football

A study shows that football mostly likely cases neck injury. Football, hockey and soccer are three of the most popular contact sports in North America but football beats the other two in causing neck injury in particular. Researchers combined hospital...