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Time for Brown, Pistons to break up

July 16, 2005 EST | Basketball

This relationship has all the plotlines of a soap opera, or the Jerry Springer Show depending on your tastes. You have the Casanova (Brown) who has been with all the chicks (NBA and NCAA basketball teams). He falls in love...

NBA notes

June 25, 2005 EST | Basketball

Could the NBA regular season end a couple of weeks earlier? Yes. The season now ends on April 20 and the playoffs begin April 23. If the regular season ended on April 6 it would fit nicely with hoopla that...

Spalding 79326 NBA Steel Framed 54" Basketball Backboard & Rim Combo

June 07, 2005 EST | Basketball

The "Spalding 79326 NBA Steel Framed 54" Basketball Backboard" is no longer available. You might be interested in checking out other Spalding NBA basketball backboards below The Spalding 79326 NBA steel-framed, 54-in basketball backboard and rim combo boasts a clear...