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Baseball fielding drills: Bucket ball

August 01, 2005 EST | Baseball

Bucket Ball is a fun fielding drill that not only gives the kidsa lot of practice catching ground balls, but also keeps theminterested and motivated. Choose two captains, then let them pick up sides from your team. You'll need two...

Home run baseball photography tips

July 02, 2005 EST | Baseball

Strike one! Strike two! Strike three! Baseball! America's Pastime, and a sport growing in popularity throughout the world, where the Boys of Summer slug it out. A baseball game is the perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, plus...

Is baseball gear any safer today?

May 29, 2005 EST | Baseball

Baseball is at 150 years old, one of the most popular spectator sports in the United States. How have such conditions like technology, economic resources, a need for higher standards for safety and protection, make the basic baseball gear better?...