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Bass fishing lures

March 19, 2006 05:51 PM EST | Fishing | Email to Friend

Bass fishing lures are probably the most highly purchased of all fishing lures today. Bass fishing today has become one the hottest sports among anglers. Like golf, Bass fishing tournaments are common and becoming popular as tournament stakes are high. There are many manufacturers of bass fishing lures, companies such as Heddon, Rapala, and Bass Pro Shops offer anglers sponsorship into tournaments for the serious angler that can prove his or her level of professionalism.

These aggressive fish can be found in nearly any body of water throughout the United States. Both large and small-mouth bass are habitually warm water fish, and are likely to hide in cover in hopes of attacking their prey. Bass fishing lures come in many shapes, sizes and colors to help the angler mimic this prey.

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Spinnerbaits are one of the most popular and adaptable bass fishing lures ever invented. These effective fishing lures can be fished fast or slow, in clear or murky water, at variety of depths.

Crankbaits are another commonly used bass fishing lure that come in all shapes and sizes covering a full spectrum of colors. Crankbaits are comparatively simple to fish and can be very efficient when used in the right situations. Diving depth is determined by the size of the lip or bill the longer the lip the deeper this bass fishing lure will dive.

Buzzbaits produce a splashing, sputtering, and gurgling commotion which bass find hard to resist. This deafening line of bass fishing lures when fished on the surface will often persuade bass to come out of deep cover.

Artificial worms and minnows are also common bass fishing lures and will produce great results when others may fail.

Trolling for bass another excellent technique that works best in large rivers or lakes that have long stretches of deep water with slow to moderate current. While trolling, bass fishing lures should remain in the water at all times. Try varying depths until desired results are achieved. Trolling is a relatively easier technique as compared to casting, and enables the amateur angler to cover more water thoroughly. Any of the bass fishing lures mentioned in this article can be trolled effectively.

Choosing the right bass fishing lure depends on many conditions. Color plays an important role of duplicating the baitfish in the particular body of water you are fishing. The size of the lure number of blades etc, are just many things to consider when choosing your lure. With spring just around the corner, bass fishing is sure to be a sport enjoyed by many.

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