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Wowwee Robopanda Interactive Robot

November 29, 2007 10:02 AM EST | Toy Gadgets | Email to Friend

Robopanda® is a fun-loving robotic panda who likes to tell stories, play games, sing songs and walk, hand-in-paw. He has big expressive eyes, audio sensors for hearing, capacitive sensors for touch, plus advanced artificial intelligence and an endearing personality.

Lifelike animation
Robopanda performs over 40 lifelike "biomorphic" movements: He rolls over; sits up; crawls; stands up; walks holding hands; steers around obstacles; and gives hugs. You can program a sequence of actions just by moving his limbs around. No need for a remote control — just talk and touch!

Interactive modes
Touch a switch to pick one of three play modes: Training (teaches you how to interact with him); Friend (starts up a fun conversation that includes funny jokes); and Menu (to use his sensors to choose interactive stories, songs and games). When Robopanda tells a tale, he invites opinions to help determine the story's outcome. His internal tilt sensors and dual-axis accelerometer (don't ask) means he knows when you've picked him up and carried him off — and he's likely to let you know how he feels about it!

Plush baby panda
Robopanda comes with an adorable soft plush baby panda that the big guy will recognize and engage with by holding and hugging. Also comes with two cartridges of interactive entertainments. Robopanda stands almost 20 inches tall; he weighs 12 1/2 lbs. Runs on 4 AA and 6 C batteries (order separately). Great for young kids with parents' help; for solo play, he's for ages 8 and older. 90-day warranty.

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