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Ion Audio USB Turntable

November 29, 2007 08:13 PM EST | Home Audio | Email to Friend

With the Ion® Audio USB Turntable, it has never been easier to preserve your most memorable music favorites to digital media, such as CDs, hard disk, or portable media devices. It sports a sleek design and includes easy-to-use audio recording software for your computer. And with a stereo input, you can also digitize music from cassettes or other analog sources!

The turntable connects simply and easily to your PC or Mac via the USB connection. The belt-drive turntable will play vinyl records at 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. What's more you can use the turntable to record old 78 rpm albums (at the 33 1/3 speed) and the included Audacity software will yield excellent digital playback on CD or in MP3. Additionally, the unit features an adjustable pitch for optimizing the sound quality.

High-speed recording software is included, as are line-level RCA outputs for using the turntable as your current stereo system. The Ion® Audio USB Turntable also now features a hinged dustcover to keep the unit clean and functional. Measures 14.6"L x 17.7"W x 5.4"H. Weighs 8 lbs. Plugs in with AC adapter (included). 90-day warranty.

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