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Programmable Roomba Scheduler Robotic Floor Vacuum with Dustbin Alert

December 19, 2007 EST | Home/Kitchen Gadgets

Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer, this robotic floor vacuum navigates through a room all by itself while its durable, efficient brushes sweep debris towards its built-in vacuum at the touch of a button. The vacuum automatically detects when its 31" cu. dustbin is full and signals the owner with a light to empty ita feature unique to the Hammacher Schlemmer model. It can clean the floor of a 16' x 20' room with an average amount of furniture in about one hour (cleans a total of two hours per charge; approximately two rooms) without human intervention. The vacuum comes with a scheduling remote and two Virtual Wall schedulers that create an infrared beam that confines the floor vacuum to one room if desired, and lets you schedul e it to clean at up to seven preset times you choose. Twice as powerful as previous robotic floor vacuums, the units sensor detects stairs and other drop-offs, while the bumper gently redirects the unit when it encounters furniture or walls. In Spot clean mode, the vacuum concentrates on a 3' diam. area, repeatedly circling over one spot for concentrated cleaning, and it also has a max clean function for extended attention to dirty areas. Built-in dirt-sensing technology cleans more heavily-soiled areas. The unit automatically returns to its drive-on charger when its battery runs low (after two hours); additional rechargeable batteries (available below) can be purchased to extend available cleaning time. Comes with an extra brush kit and cleaning tool. Order this Roomba Scheduler Robotic Floor Vacuum today! [More...]

Air Hogs RC Havoc Heli Laser Battle

November 29, 2007 EST | Toy Gadgets

Havoc Heli is the world's smallest, most advanced radio-controlled helicopter — capable of incredible maneuverability. Laser Battle Helis are armed with infrared beam weapons, so you can duel in a kind of exciting real-world 3D "video game" — complete with authentic battle sounds and action!

When two Havoc Helis engage in thrilling air-to-air combat, only one will fly away victorious. Maneuver into position; when you lock onto your opponent, his belly lights up; press "fire" on the controller and a direct hit sends him into a tailspin. Score a third direct hit before he does and blast him out of the air. You win!


iAXE393 USB Guitar by Behringer

November 29, 2007 EST | Toy Gadgets

With the revolutionary iAXE393 USB Guitar from Behringer, you're just a USB cable away from turning your bedroom computer into a recording studio — with all the amps and effects desired (including a 10 watt amp), and all the tools needed to produce your own tracks, right there on your Mac or PC.

This substantial six-stringed beauty is ready to play by anyone right out of the box — with gorgeous maple neck, solid gloss body, single-coil pickups with five-way switching, chrome machine heads, a whammy bar, string picks, shoulder strap and a USB "cable to heaven." Foolproof software makes it really easy to record your own licks; to add your own MP3, WAV or AIFF songs for backup; and to do your own multitrack layering and editing. Features include a metronome and slowdown/repeat for detailed learning of complex music. Includes classic guitar combos for jamming along. Jack in your own headphones for private play that won't disturb anyone. Comes with carrying case, 10 watt amp. Plugs in with USB cable (included). Measures 38" long. 90-day warranty.

Razor Cruiser Scooter

November 29, 2007 EST | Toy Gadgets

Worthy of multiple double-takes as you ride the wild sidewalks, the gleaming new aircraft-grade aluminum Razor® Cruiser is the hottest scooter yet. Its wide, flexible wood-composite deck absorbs shocks for comfortable cruising over long distances — riding smoothly on two extra-large 150mm polyurethane inline-style wheels with ABEC-5 bearings. Need to stop quickly? Just step on the fender friction brake. The locking steering arm is height-adjustable and has thick cushioned grips on a T-bar for optimal maneuvering. Folds to a compact 27.75" x 9" x 5.5" for carrying on public transit or in a backpack. Weighs only 8 lbs. Not for use on streets or in traffic; always wear helmet and pads. Ages 5 and older. Weight capacity of 175lbs. Six-month warranty. Select graphite, red or blue.

Sharper Image Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer

November 29, 2007 EST | Health Gadgets

The "Sharper Image Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer" is no longer available. You might be interested in checking out Sharper Image Ionic Conditioning Travel Hair Dryer

This hair dryer's gentle far-infrared heat combines with tourmaline ions to dry hair much faster — with far less heat damage — than ordinary appliances. Its patented system uses natural tourmaline gemstones to generate negative ions into the airflow. These ions help moisture penetrate through the hair's outer cuticle layer, and this helps to offset the drying effects. Your hair retains its natural volume, softness and luster.

This powerful 1,875-watt hair dryer is exceptionally lightweight — about 25 percent lighter than your typical model — and surprisingly quiet. Offers two heat and two speed settings plus a Cold Shot finishing touch. Comes with concentrator and volumizer attachments. Measures 10.5" long and weighs 1.5 lbs. Plugs into standard outlet. 90-day warranty.

Philips 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame

November 29, 2007 EST | Other Gadgets

Why hide your treasured digital photos on your computer? Instead, place Philips® PhotoFrame™ viewers all around your home and office to see, share, organize and relive your memories in stunning quality. The 7-Inch PhotoFrame features very best high-resolution LCD screen (720 x 480 with 3:2 ratio) to show off digital photographs with the same rich detail and vibrant colors as high-quality prints.

Compared to old-fashioned frames, PhotoFrame is magic — with a PhotoEffect Wizard that allows you to rotate, zoom in, crop and even to change color images to black-and-white or sepia tone — all without a computer! Plus you can do slideshows (random, sequential or collage) with or without special transitional effects. The stand rotates for vertical or horizontal display; portrait or landscape orientation is automatic. It also is wall mountable. Screen brightness is adjustable. [More...]

Ion Audio USB Turntable

November 29, 2007 EST | Home Audio

With the Ion® Audio USB Turntable, it has never been easier to preserve your most memorable music favorites to digital media, such as CDs, hard disk, or portable media devices. It sports a sleek design and includes easy-to-use audio recording software for your computer. And with a stereo input, you can also digitize music from cassettes or other analog sources!

The turntable connects simply and easily to your PC or Mac via the USB connection. The belt-drive turntable will play vinyl records at 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. What's more you can use the turntable to record old 78 rpm albums (at the 33 1/3 speed) and the included Audacity software will yield excellent digital playback on CD or in MP3. Additionally, the unit features an adjustable pitch for optimizing the sound quality. [More...]

TAO 1.5-Inch Digital Photo Keychain

November 29, 2007 EST | Toy Gadgets

TAO's ingenious keychain allows you to store and view photos on its clear, bright 1.5-inch OLED screen. Utilize the user-friendly software to transfer photos directly from your PC or Mac; then share your photos with your coworkers and friends. The images can be displayed individually or as a slide show.

The keychain's 8MB memory stores up to 31 photos. Features a mini-USB port for quick and easy photo downloads. After 30 minutes of being connected to the outlet or computer, the keychain will brim with 1 1/2 hours of "on" time (which roughly translates to a week or two of standard show-and-tell). Measures .5" x 1.8" x 1.8" (HxWxD); 1.9 oz. Recharges with AC adapter (included). 90-day warranty. [More...]

i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot

November 29, 2007 EST | Toy Gadgets

From the land of manga and anime comes i-SOBOT — a tiny humanoid robot of extraordinarily smooth and complex articulation. His sophisticated Japanese robotic technology includes 19 integrated-circuit chips, a gyro sensor (for balance) and 17 custom-developed servo-motors that grace i-SOBOT with 17 degrees of freedom and more than 200 distinct actions. From his speaker you'll hear hundreds of preset phrases and 60 kinds of sound effects; two LED eyes glow bright green and blue. This 6-inch tall marvel is less than $300 but comparable to hobby robots costing over a thousand dollars.

You can control i-SOBOT's actions on a wireless infrared remote with LCD using dual joysticks and command buttons for kicks, punches, somersaults, dancing, push-ups, you name it. He also responds to voice commands in logical — but unpredictable — ways. Users can program long, elaborate sequences of actions that can be saved for later performances; additionally, there are dozens of preprogrammed actions to call on. [More...]

The ISIS Puzzle

November 29, 2007 EST | Toy Gadgets

For more than a year, the ISIS has challenged the most accomplished puzzle experts in the United Kingdom. At last, the ISIS phenomenon - "the most difficult puzzle ever" - has come to America.

Each ISIS is unique, with just one solution. The puzzle is a gleaming orb, handcrafted in England of a premier alloy of aluminum and constructed of precisely engineered, moveable bands. Each band is etched with hieroglyphics; the challenge is to position those bands in the right combination to unlock the ISIS. You are given 10 encrypted clues to decipher. [More...]

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

November 29, 2007 EST | Mobile/Wireless

Almost impossibly lightweight, smart and stylish, the Jawbone Bluetooth® Headset is the world's first Bluetooth headset for mobile phones that actually adapts to fit different sound settings, guaranteeing you the best possible headset performance. Jawbone literally feels your speech. It is the only Bluetooth headset with a proprietary voice activity sensor that rests on your jawbone and helps distinguish your speech from background noise in any environment.

Jawbone's revolutionary Noise Shield™ technology combines the latest innovations in acoustics, audio processing and product design. Not only does it virtually eliminate all background noise, but as the background sounds change, it also seamlessly adjusts the speaker output for greater audio clarity.


Wowwee Robopanda Interactive Robot

November 29, 2007 EST | Toy Gadgets

Robopanda® is a fun-loving robotic panda who likes to tell stories, play games, sing songs and walk, hand-in-paw. He has big expressive eyes, audio sensors for hearing, capacitive sensors for touch, plus advanced artificial intelligence and an endearing personality.

Lifelike animation
Robopanda performs over 40 lifelike "biomorphic" movements: He rolls over; sits up; crawls; stands up; walks holding hands; steers around obstacles; and gives hugs. You can program a sequence of actions just by moving his limbs around. No need for a remote control — just talk and touch! [More...]

Mobile-Shop Professional-grade Tool and Parts System

November 06, 2007 EST | Other Gadgets

This patented, one-of-a kind, professional-grade tool and parts system is the last tool kit you'll ever need to own. An award-winning masterpiece of design and function, the Mobile-Shop System is one of those rare devices that is as exciting to own as it is to use. Painstakingly developed over seven years to deliver unprecedented productivity and control to professional maintenance operations, The Sharper Image now makes the groundbreaking Mobile-Shop System available to you. Order now!

A Great Set of Tools This incredible system includes 230 professional-quality tools selected by experts who chose from top manufacturers such as DeWALT®, JOHNSON®, CHANNELLOCK®, IRWIN®, MAG-LITE®, Nicholson®, STANLEY® and others. Also included are 4 parts boxes preloaded with over 170 (1,000 pcs) of the most commonly needed small parts such as nails, screws, plumbing and electrical supplies, glue, cables ties, hole filler and more. [More...]

The StressEraser

March 01, 2007 EST | Health Gadgets

The StressEraserIs there a stress epidemic? It seems so! With the frenetic pace of today's world, many of us accumulate so much stress during the day that it can be difficult to quiet our minds at bedtime. The result? We hold on to our stress — even while sleeping — and the grip of stress gets stronger each day.

Now there is a new solution: The StressEraser™, an award-winning, hand-held biofeedback medical device designed to calm your mind and relax your body in just 15 minutes. If stress is affecting your daily life, give The StressEraser a 60-day risk-free trial. We guarantee deeply relaxing nights and calmer days or your money back.

The StressEraser's effectiveness is based on science's understanding of the physiological manifestations of psychological stress. Stress activates "stimulating (sympathetic) nerves" that trigger increased heart rate, faster breathing and brain activity. These symptoms can be countered by turning on your "pacifying (parasympathetic) nerves," which lower heart rate, reduce the pace of breathing and quiet the mind. [More...]

TomTom ONE 3rd Edition GPS Portable Navigation System

March 01, 2007 EST | Car Gadgets , Portables

TomTom ONE GPS Portable Navigation SystemEnjoy the elegant simplicity of the new TomTom® ONE — a plug-and-go GPS with detailed 3D and 2D graphic directions and turn-by-turn voice guidance everywhere you go. The system's 1GB internal memory comes preloaded with maps of all the U.S. and Canada.

This portable, lightweight unit is the size of a wallet yet it features a large 3.5-inch anti-glare touch screen. Choose your route: quickest; shortest; most scenic; toll free; or plan your trip by desired arrival time. Offers optional warnings when you exceed the speed limit, and includes on-screen compass.

Navigate to the cheapest gas station en-route, get real-time weather and traffic information, instant message with friends or download detailed area maps and celebrity voices — all on-the-fly. [More...]

Philips DECT 6.0 VOIP841 Phone

March 01, 2007 EST | Mobile/Wireless

Use just one cordless handset for making and receiving all your calls, both landline and with Skype™ — the easiest way to enjoy free phone calls over the Internet. With Philips' new dual-capability phone, you don't have to be at your computer; in fact, your computer doesn't even need to be on! All you need is Broadband access through a modem, router or switch/hub.

Features include hands-free speakerphone; volume control for earpiece and loudspeaker; a backlit 65,000-color display on the handset for your Skype Buddy List (500 entries), Caller ID, and distinctive ring tones for landline and Internet. Advanced DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology greatly reduces interference while enhancing voice clarity and security. [More...]

i-Cy Penguin Musical Pet

March 01, 2007 EST | Toy Gadgets

Place i-Cy where he can hear, or use his built-in speaker, or plug him into the headphone jack of an iPod or other music player. Multicolored blinking LEDs animate his face as he dances to your music! He flaps his flippers and tilts his head in time with the beat. Pat his head for cheerful squawks; play tunes to keep his spirits high; but tweak his tail and watch out! Measures 3.75" x 2.75" x 4.5" and weighs 8 oz. Runs on 3 AA batteries (order separately). 90-day warranty.

Turbo Charge Cell Phone Charger

February 09, 2007 EST | Mobile/Wireless

Charge your cell phone off of a single AA battery! Also ideal during power outages and when camping, hiking or sailing. "Trickle" charges an average cell phone in 1 1/2 hours. Comes with 10 charging adapters and is compatible with all Motorola®, Motorola ROKR, Motorola RAZR, Audiovox, Kyocera, Samsung, Nokia, Sanyo, Sony Ericsson, Nextel and LG cell phones — even Blackberry PDAs! Measures 3" long x 1/2" diameter and weighs less than 1 oz. Runs on one AA battery (included). 90-day warranty.

Magellan RoadMate 2200T Portable GPS

February 09, 2007 EST | Car Gadgets

Magellan RoadMate 2200T Portable GPSThe RoadMate™ 2200T announces audio directions and displays visual cues of your route well before the next turn, so you never have to move your eyes from the road to the screen while driving. Choose your route according to briefest time or shortest distance — you can even avoid toll roads!

SmartDetour™ prompts you on how to avoid trouble spots, and in case you miss a turn, Auto-Reroute recalculates the best course. The 3.5" high-resolution and anti-glare screen displays 3D bird's-eye and standard map views, plus almost two million points of interest: restaurants, hotels, airports and more. Plug in your MP3 player to hear music, books and podcasts and to view personal photos. [More...]

Boston Acoustics Receptor Radio HD

February 09, 2007 EST | Home Audio

Boston Acoustics Receptor Radio HDWhen you hear the new tabletop Receptor Radio® HD for the first time, you will be stunned by the quality of its sound — with a spectacular clarity and amazing fidelity never before heard from any radio...of any size. A second satellite speaker delivers true stereo in The Boston Sound™ — a smooth, natural response, room-filling sound that belies its compact size.

Boston Acoustics® Receptor Radio HD has been specially designed to take full advantage of digital HD Radio — the new world of digital broadcasting featuring absolutely pristine AM and FM sound* ...all absolutely free. With this receiver, HD Radio FM sounds like a CD, and AM sounds as rich as today's FM. What's more, it is ready to play HD2 Multicast programming that many stations are now airing. Signal-fade, static, hiss and pops are virtually nonexistent. And with the auxiliary input, you can play any iPod®, MP3 or CD — any audio source with a headphone jack. [More...]

Motorola Bluetooth Over-Ear Headset H670

February 09, 2007 EST | Mobile/Wireless

Motorola Bluetooth Over-Ear Headset H670This comfortable over-ear headset seamlessly shifts your Bluetooth®-enabled cell phone functions from the handset to your ear, wirelessly! There are easy, intuitive controls on the headset for power, volume and mute functions; and its speaker is elevated and angled close to the ear opening for greatly enhanced audio quality — especially in noisy environments.

Features Bluetooth Class 2 technology for longer range — more than 30 feet from your phone! A full 2-hour charge lets you enjoy up to 8 hours of talk time, 192 hours (8 days) of standby. USB charger included. An LED informs others when you're on a call. Compatible with Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2. Comes with two interchangeable ear hooks; choose the one that fits best. Measures 2.5" x 1" x 0.75" and weighs 0.75 oz. One-year warranty.

Bose In-Ear Headphones

February 09, 2007 EST | Other Gadgets , Portables

Bose In-Ear HeadphonesThese innovative Bose® headphones feature a comfortable in-ear design with rich, balanced audio performance engineered to bring out the full sound potential of MP3, CD and DVD players. Legendary TriPort® acoustic structure provides superbly detailed sound reproduction — including deep, resonant bass tones — remarkable for headphones this size. Ideal for personal listening at home, while working out, or on the go, the customizable in-ear design features soft, washable silicone tips for a gentle yet secure fit (S, M and L). Comes with a sleek, black carrying case. One-year warranty.

iPulse Bear Speaker System and Light Show for iPod & MP3

February 09, 2007 EST | Home Audio , Toy Gadgets , iPod/MP3

iPulse Bear Speaker System and Light Show for iPod & MP3For playing iPod tunes — or listening to stories from audio books — who can resist the adorable iPulse® Bear? This cute little teddy hugs your music player in a pouch in his belly; a hidden cable connects to the headphone jack of any iPod or any other audio device with a headphone jack.

Squeeze his paw to turn him on and hear your tunes through his built-in speaker - and enjoy the iPulse lightshow on all four paws! The green, blue and red ColorSync™ LED light show pulses to the music's rhythm, frequency and volume; his eyes glow blue or green too. Features include jacks for your own headphones or optional AC adapter (SM906, $9.95). [More...]