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Zero Gravity recliners

June 08, 2005 EST | Problem Solvers

If you’ve never experienced a Zero Gravity leather recliner chair, you really have to try one to appreciate the difference. The moment you lean back into the Zero Gravity position, as your legs are elevated and stress is reduced on...

The SolutionBed by Tempur Pedic™

June 08, 2005 EST | Problem Solvers

A solution is now at hand if the inadequate or improper support of your current mattress has caused you to experience neck stiffness, poor circulation, back and shoulder pain, or just restless nights spent tossing and turning. Introducing "The SolutionBed...

Forever Flashlights™

June 08, 2005 EST | Problem Solvers

Forever Flashlight Creates Its Own Power Source - No Batteries Required! Instead of batteries, Forever Flashlights use the principles of physics to produce its own power. Simply shake it for a few seconds to produce a bright, steady beam of...