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Attracting woodpeckers

May 24, 2005 EST | Birding

On our old farm in southeast Ohio, we have a rather unusual means of landscaping the wide-open spaces of our yard. Eyeing the treeless expanse we inherited from the lawn-happy former owners of the property, we decided to take immediate...

Attracting blue martins

May 24, 2005 EST | Birding

There are thousands of martin houses put up throughout the continent that simply never had a chance of attracting purple martins in the first place. This has added to the mystique of attracting martins. The following are ten common mistakes...

Attracting butterflies

May 16, 2005 EST | Birding

Go ahead-indulge your passions for gardening and for beautiful butterflies. Your passions may turn out to have beneficial implications for all of us as you create new populations of butterflies. You're about to Read • Butterflies • Caterpillar Food Plants...

Bird gardening

May 13, 2005 EST | Birding

From the starlings that nest in the eaves of our rooftops to the geranium that sits potted on our front porch, our environment is filled with exotic plants and animals. Plants, in particular, represent a large portion of the exotics...

10 tips to attracting hummingbirds

May 11, 2005 EST | Birding

The hummingbirds are coming soon (if they haven't already returned to your backyard and garden). Here are my top ten things to do to attract (and keep) hummingbirds in your backyard. Summarize the 10 tips: 1. Add a new native...

Controlling garden pests naturally

May 04, 2005 EST | Birding , Gardening

Traditional methods of garden pest control have included toxic chemicals and traps that can cause suffering to the animals they catch. With many American gardening sheds stocked with enough chemicals to do away with the entire family and more sensitivity...