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Types of annuity payments

March 08, 2006 EST | Retirement

When an employee retires after several years of work, the employer offers monetary retirement benefits such as a cash balance plan or pension. Let us consider Nancy, who has retired from work. She likes to invest her retirement package in...

Retirement income needs

July 24, 2005 EST | Retirement

It is widely written that you need 75% of your present income to maintain your present life-style in retirement. If you make 100 thousand now, figure 75 thousand in retirement; fifty thousand now, figure 37.5 thousand in retirement. The average...

Funding your retirement

May 16, 2005 EST | Retirement

Saving for your retirement doesn't have to be a nightmare as long as you are aware of your options. For now, we're focusing on 401K and 403B retirement plans. These two plans are essentially the same except that for-profit companies...