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Car loan checklist

March 18, 2006 EST | Auto Loans

There are several key factors to consider when looking for the best car loan out there. For example, you will want to have a choice of car loans with competitive interest rates and features like loans for individuals that also...

Negotiate the cheapest auto loan

February 15, 2006 EST | Auto Loans

Rather than luck, getting the best rate on your auto loan is a skill that can be learnt, where knowing how to negotiate is the crucial component to getting the best deal for yourself. The best way to dispel nerves...

Obtain a car loan no longer than necessary

September 25, 2005 EST | Auto Loans

Some time in your life you will need a new car. You may not want to have the burden of a new car debt, but you may find there are very few alternatives. There are some simple things you can...

Finding an auto loan with bad credit

July 05, 2005 EST | Auto Loans

Finding an auto loan online is easy regardless of you credit score. By simply completing a simple one page application hundreds of online lenders who will compete for your loan business. There are certain guidelines you should follow which could...

How to refinance your existing vehicle

June 20, 2005 EST | Auto Loans

Here are some simple tips and reminders to follow if you're interested in refinancing your current auto loan: Evaluate your current situation. What is your current interest rate and how much can you potentially save after refinancing? Consider what lenders...