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Criss Angel: Mindfreak: The Complete Season One DVD set

October 28, 2005 EST | TV Show

A reality show about anything but, CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK takes viewers behind the scenes with today's most exciting master of the surreal and jaw-dropping escapologist. All 15 episodes from season one are on DVD for the first time... Don't believe...

The X-Files - The complete seasons 1-9

September 15, 2005 EST | TV Show

Before praising this series and set to the heavens, I want to begin with a complaint. Although this set comes with some of the finest special features I've ever seen with a box set (the set lacks only the X-Files...

The X-Files - The complete seasons 1-8

September 15, 2005 EST | TV Show

There are no words good enough to qualify this enormous enterprise. I just finished a marathon, spending several weeks watching the whole series. I was in awe and have only words of admiration for such a talented cast, such brilliant...

The X-Files - The complete seasons 1-7

September 15, 2005 EST | TV Show

The X-Files is THE must own TV on DVD. The series was quite possibly the best show ever on television. Every week there was something to look forward to on Friday night. Mulder and Scully's investigations into the paranormal, government...

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts

September 02, 2005 EST | TV Show

Potshots, put downs and pranks… a feel good hour with Dean Martin! The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts evolved from Martin's popular 1970's variety series. Several of these shows were “roasts” in which the guest of honor was showered with insults...

A look at a new reality series on ABC

July 20, 2005 EST | TV Show

As typical with anything in this world, it takes years for the media to sit up and take notice and now it unfolds. I refer to the new series on ABC entitled "Hooking Up" that follows eleven women through the...

Shame on Oprah

June 28, 2005 EST | Books , TV Show

like Oprah with the best of them but I’m sorely disappointed in her interpretation of Zora Neale Hurston’s classic novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. I’m not sure if it was in interest of time, universal appeal or just a...

Carrie crowned latest ‘American Idol’

June 08, 2005 EST | Celebrities , TV Show

Carrie Underwood, a 22-year-old college senior, became the talk of her hometown of Checotah — and the choice of fourth-season "Idol" voters — as she delivered almost uniformly consistent performances each week. The preliminary audience estimate from Nielsen Media Research...

ABC closes the door on Miss America

June 02, 2005 EST | TV Show

ABC wants no more to do with the Miss America Pageant. So, they've dropped the broadcast. The reason? Declining ratings. What a changed world it is that this announcement is not startling news. This is the first time in half-a-century...

Tired of trashy TV? Try an old-time treat!

May 19, 2005 EST | TV Show

Americans love to be entertained, though most of what passes for entertainment these days isn’t that good. As almost every viewer and listener can attest, consumers seeking objectionable material need not look too far, says Ned Norris, president of RUSC...

Celebrity Love Island debut fails to impress

May 17, 2005 EST | TV Show

The "Celebrity Love Island" show, featuring twelve celebrities on a beach in Fiji, failed to draw lustre ratings during last night's debut as BBC One’s drama New Tricks triumphed in the 9pm ratings slot. The celebs in the show include...