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I am not an African American

July 13, 2005 EST | Politics

I am not an African-American. Don’t call me an African –American. I’m an American plain and simple. I was born here as were my parents and grandparents and you would have to search many a generation back before you found...

How Bill Cosby got it wrong

July 13, 2005 EST | Politics

Bill Cosby got it wrong. His many speeches regarding the plight of poor blacks in this country and their lack of personal responsibility were not only off the mark, but completely irresponsible. Cosby failed to take into account many mitigating...

Mr President's had his chips

May 09, 2005 EST | Politics

Down the Bush and Blair online pubtalk from the British co authors of Looking for Harvey Weinstein. Mr. President's Had His Chips. Down The Bush And Blair In light of the upcoming British election now two days away and the...