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Axiom EP350 Subwoofer

December 9, 2005 01:50 PM EST | Home Theater | Email to Friend

WOW! Deep, deep bass response, incredible power, precise reproduction. The EP350 shakes your senses. This powered sub has a 12-inch cast basket aluminum driver, dual vortex porting, and home theater realism unlike any you've encountered before. Dinosaur footfalls? Explosions? You'll be amazed at the rumbles.

The EP350 subwoofer provides serious bass extension for musical use, too - even the lowest kettle-drum notes are reproduced as tightly as in a live concert.

This sub perfectly suits larger rooms, from 2,500 to 6,000 cubic feet. We've included both spikes and anti-resonance feet with this monster sub - something has to help you keep it down! Click here to order today!

All Axiom Subwoofers feature:

  • Aluminum Woofers
  • Vortex Porting
  • Powerful Built-In Amplifier
  • Adjustable Crossover
  • Variable Phase Switch
  • Output Level Control
  • Line Level and Speaker Level Inputs

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