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Fujitsu Lifebook Q2010

June 29, 2006 EST | Laptops

The new LifeBook Q2010 notebook is sure to attract envious glances wherever you go - even in the executive lounge. Its sophisticated look and slim, feather-light design is delivered in an incredible 2.2 lb. package. Despite its ultra-slim profile, the...

Apple MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo

April 25, 2006 EST | Apple , Laptops

Presenting the revolutionary, one-inch thin MacBook Pro — now in widescreen 15-inch and 17-inch models. Powered by Intel Core Duo The Intel Core Duo chip inside MacBook Pro gives you the power of two processors wherever you go. Now it's...

Top 5 thin and light notebooks

October 07, 2005 EST | Laptops

If you look at the computer notebook market, you'll realize that a lot has changed. Most new notebooks these days are dominated by the Intel Pentium M processor. This CPU allows notebooks to be designed thin and light due to...