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IMSI PDF to Word Professional v3

March 2, 2006 01:50 PM EST | Software | Email to Friend

The "IMSI PDF to Word Professional v3" is no longer available. Please check out other PDF to Word Pro software below

IMSI's PDF to Word Professional v3 is the complete solution to create PDF files from any Windows® application and convert to fully-editable, formatted documents.

Create PDFs from any Windows® Application!
In addition to the powerful features of the Standard version, you can now create PDFs with one-click in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint - as well as from any Windows® application! Click once, convert a PDF - it’s that simple! IMSI's PDF to Word Professional v3 allows you to access, edit and share information more productively and efficiently than ever before - saving both time and money!

Advanced Table Handling in Both Excel and Word
Extract tables from PDF files directly into Excel worksheets to access, edit and re-use data. You can also open PDF files containing tables into Microsoft Word, where each table is handled as a separate object that can be easily changed using Word’s table editing features.

Create High Quality PDFs
Get the details right. PDF fonts are matched with Microsoft Windows® installed fonts. Vector graphics are preserved as embedded, editable vector objects. High-quality conversions are easier than ever to edit in Word or Excel. Technological improvements in the program have improved the quality of extracted graphics, character formatting, font handling and font matching. The integrity of the original file is maintained, eliminating the need for reformatting and rework.

Create Manageable File Sizes!
When creating a PDF, we optimize the file size giving you documents that are easier to upload on the Web and send via e-mail.

Customize Your Output
Formatting, graphics, page layout, and text flow can be preserved – or not. It’s up to you. Here are some of the ways you can customize your results:

Page layouts. Preserve page layout elements - including columns and tables - or remove them. Keep only the elements you need.
Plain text option. If you do not wish to preserve the original fonts, you can choose the Plain Text option.
Image extraction. You can choose to extract only the images from a PDF document and save them in a graphics file format.
Page selection. You can also convert only selected pages from a PDF file instead of the entire document.

Batch-Process Your Conversions
Save time by converting several documents at once from the command line interface.

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