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About Us is designed to create weblogs (or blogs) across the most popular niche industries solely for informational and entertainment purposes. The weblogs contain both current news and interesting articles from various sources (web sites) that are not owned or controlled by News-blogs .com does not claim ownership rights to the full news stories and therefore disclaim any responsibility from your use of other web site sources. Our service provides a brief description of the news, stories and articles that we think maybe of interest to you, and we provide a link to the described site where you can read the full content. By covering vast areas and providing top level summary as well as details of the news and articles, we hope our site can provide our users a convenient and targeted informational source and save our users time associated with having to read dozens of publications or news sources. Our search tool gives readers the ability to sort and search stories by topics within an industry. Users can also send in their comments, participate in discussions, submit their favorite stories found on other sites, or submit their own articles.

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